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Equashield CSTD

Equashield CSTD

The Premium Equashield CSTD offers Superior Safety and Ease-of-Use for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs, backed with clinically substantiated data on the reduction of surface contamination with antineoplastic agents and is faster to compound a dose than alternative systems.



Safe - Covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems


• The only system that prevents syringe plunger contamination (recently identified as a major route of exposure to hazardous drugs).
• Closed pressure equalization prevents the escape of drug and vapours.
• “Dry” connector that remains free of drug residuals.
• Cleared by the FDA under the ONB code and substantiated to prevent
microbial ingress for up to 7 days.
• Clinically proven.



Simple - Faster and easier to use 


• Fully preassembled syringe with connector, requiring no further setups or off the shelf syringes.
• Easy-to-use single motion connector



Closed - The most closed system


• The only system with encapsulated syringe barrel and plunger.
• Closed internal pressure equalization built into the syringe.
• Connector permanently welded to the syringe.
• Encapsulated plunger that cannot be pulled out of the barrel.


Syringe Units

EQUASHIELD’s fully encapsulated Syringe Units prevent syringe plunger contamination caused by hazardous drug handling. The system is equipped with a built-in closed pressure equalization with sterile air. The connector is permanently bonded onto the syringe body preventing accidental disconnections and house shielded needles to prevent the risk of accidental needle sticks.



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Vial Adaptors

EQUASHIELD’s Vial Adaptor firmly snaps onto a standard vial, providing a safe and contamination-free vial access port for the Syringe Unit. As part of EQUASHIELD’s connector system, the vial adaptor’s elastomeric membrane serves a dual purpose; to serve as a microbial barrier preventing microbial ingress for up to 7 days and to remain drug residue-free for 10 repeated connections.


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Spike Adaptors

EQUASHIELD’s Spike Adaptors are designed to firmly connect between any standard IV bag and tubing set, enabling the safe transfer of medication dose into the IV Bag. Recognizing that there are variations among various IV Bag manufacturers and that no one IV port fits all bags, Equashield produces two Spike Adaptors, SA-1T for regular ports and SA-1 for larger ports. On the other hand, the SA-W is designed for safe and cost-effective withdrawal of diluent for reconstitution with Syringe Units (SU).



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Luer Lock Accessories

EQUASHIELD’s Luer Lock Adaptor and Female Luer Lock Connector are designed to convert any standard Luer lock port into a closed system connection for leak-free and dry connection. Equashield Female Connectors, FC-1 and FC-1S provide a connection at the end of an IV line that cannot be disconnected, ensuring compliance during administration and reducing the risk of accidental disconnections. FC-1 is a standard connector, while FC-1S is a free swivelling connector; both are designed to prevent unintended disconnections. The LL-1 Adaptor is locked onto a patient line for safe injection via a Syringe Unit (SU) or for safe infusion via an FC-1 or FC-1S connected at the end of an IV Bag line.



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IV Tubing

EQUASHIELD’s Tubing Sets contain Equashield’s Spike Adaptor integrated with a tubing set with a drip chamber. These sets are designed to fit into any standard IV bag, enabling safe and efficient transfer of medication doses into the IV Bag. Recognizing that there are variations among various IV Bag manufacturers and that no one IV port fits all bags, Equashield produces two Secondary Sets, SA-1ST for regular ports and SA-1S for larger ports. These sets help optimize the time and cost of drug delivery via Secondary IV Infusion. LL-1Y is a Y-site Tubing with EQUASHIELD® Luer Lock Adaptor, a female Luer lock, a clamp, and a male Luer lock with a vented cap.


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