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Carestream Dental CS 9600 CBCT and OPG with Ceph option

Carestream Dental CS 9600 CBCT and OPG with Ceph option Read More >

Carestream Dental CS 9600 CBCT and OPG

The CS 9600 is smart because it incorporates feedback from ENT professionals , who inspired breakthrough innovations that define the CS 9600 as a market leading cone beam CT. At the same time, feedback from an established and extensive install-base, confirm it as one of the simplest user-friendly cone beam CT systems on the market today, delivering outstanding precision - for every exam and every patient.

Beyond Dental and MaxFacs, the CS 9600 captures high-quality facial bone, sinus and temporal bone images at a fraction of the radiation dose of conventional CT systems. It is even approved for Scaphoid and C-spine extremity. With such precise images available at the point of care, you can provide single-visit diagnoses and perform more in-office procedures, improving both patient care and workflow efficiency.

  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention with the ability to scan, diagnose and plan treatment in one visit
  • Lower the cost of procedures, reduce recovery times and improve outcomes
  • Visualize paranasal sinus and temporal bones at a very low dose, using dedicated ENT fields of view and pre-set programs

Smarter and better than ever

With its new Scan Ceph module and other innovations, the world’s most intelligent CBCT system is now even smarter and more versatile than ever. The CS 9600 redefines quality and usability, making it the perfect imaging system for dental professionals and specialists who want a new level of precision.


Benefits at a glance

  • Scalable, 5-in-1 scanner designed to grow with your practice
  • Smart innovations drive precision at every exam
  • AI-powered positioning helps getting consistent results effortlessly
  • Crystal-clear images with limited artifacts and noise
  • Broadest range of volume sizes with up to 14 FOV


With innovations such as a Live Positioning Assistant, video cameras and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the CS 9600 is designed to deliver more accurate scans on the first try, with consistent results over time. The system records each patient’s parameters, making follow-up imaging repeatable with a single touch.




The CS 9600 is the only unit with an integrated retractable seat1 that allows users to comfortably scan patients in a stable seated position or in standing position.

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Carestream Dental CS 8100 OPG with Ceph and CBCT options

Carestream Dental CS 8100 OPG with Ceph and CBCT options Read More >

Carestream Dental CS 8100 OPG with Ceph and CBCT

Whether for general dentistry, orthodontics or PACS-integrated Radiology, the CS 8100 is amazingly versatile, delivering two-dimensional panoramic
and pseudo-bitewing images with the option for cephalometric exams. It is even available with a CBCT upgrade, for focused-volume 3D imaging
and all from one of the smallest system footprints on the market.

  • The CS 8100SC 3D delivers outstanding panoramic and cephalometric images for routine diagnostic needs.
  • Ceph images scan in as little as 3 seconds, minimising the risk of motion artefact.
  • Options and upgrades provide three cephalometric and four 3D fields of view for optimal dose per image.
  • Ultra-low-dose 3D images can be acquired at the same or lower dose as a standard panoramic exam.

With its legendary ease of use and latest enhancements, the CS 8100 3D’s Evo Edition delivers outstanding image clarity in all modalities. This simple 4-in-1 solution offers great value and no compromise on quality—ideal for general dentists and endodontists who want to benefit from in-office CBCT imaging.

Benefits at a glance

  • Versatile 2D/3D system that fits your needs and budget
  • High-resolution 3D images with limited artifacts and noise
    Clear and sharp panoramic images ideal for routine needs
  • Award-winning design fits tight spaces
  • State-of-the-art 2D/3D software expedites image review
  • Trusted by thousands of general dentists and endodontists worldwide

Exclusive Metal Artifact Reduction technology

CS MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction) drastically reduces metal artifacts caused by dental restorations, implants and fillings. It even lets you compare images dynamically with and without the filter to help confirm your patient’s diagnosis and reduce the risk of misinterpretation.
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Carestream Dental CS 2200 Intra-Oral X-Ray Generator with Mobile Base option

Carestream Dental CS 2200 Intra-Oral X-Ray Generator with Mobile Base option Read More >

Carestream Dental CS 2200 Intra-Oral X-Ray Generator

Compact, intuitive and easy to use, the CS 2200 offers the superior performance you need while providing improved safety for your patients and staff, year after year. The unit’s high frequency DC X-ray generator ensures delivery of the image quality you are looking for, while the compact,
lightweight design accommodates the smallest of space requirements with a mobile option for complete flexibility.

  • The intuitive, handheld timer allows users to quickly select correct settings from pre-programmed exposure options
  • The stable arm and lightweight tube head ensure correct, effortless alignment and reduce the risk of cone-cutting images
  • The easily manoeuvred mobile base option passes easily through standard doorways whilst providing a stable, lockable base when in use

Versatile Design

Compatible with both film and digital imaging applications, the CS 2200 System works the way you do. Available in five available mounting options, two types of timers, and three arm lengths, the system can be easily adapted to match the configurations of your practice.


Usability at Its Best

Compact and easy-to-use, the CS 2200 System’s handheld timer allows users to quickly select the right exposure settings. Pre-programmed to automatically calculate settings, the timer intuitively determines the appropriate exposure time based on anatomical region, patient bodyweight and detector type.

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Carestream Dental CS 7600 Intra-oral CR film plate scanner

Carestream Dental CS 7600 Intra-oral CR film plate scanner Read More >

Carestream Dental CS 7600 Intra-oral CR film plate scanner

The intelligent system that is designed for shared use

With "Scan & Go" technology, the CS 7600 is ideal for a multi-user practice or single PACS-integrated intra-oral acquisition. Each plate has an electronic chip for patient-tagged images and guided workflow with automatic erasure for reuse. Thanks to CS Adapt’s pre-programmed filters, you can optimize your images according to your diagnostic needs. The system renders images with clinically relevant details that are more visible and helpful in
the diagnostic process.

  • Supports all plate sizes, including size three for long bitewing radiographs and size 4 for true occlusal exams
  • Offers high image quality with true resolution up to 17 lp/mm
  • Provides secured workflow with Scan & Go technology and built-in memory to prevent image data loss
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DEXIS IS Voyager

DEXIS IS Voyager Read More >

DEXIS IS Voyager


The optional DEXIS IS All in One Computer combined with the sleek, flexible, ergonomic DEXIS IS Voyager trolley provides convenient intraoral scanning and enhanced patient engagement—right at the chair.


Together they give you a super-mobile intraoral workstation that can be used with any DEXIS intraoral scanner for image acquisition throughout the clinic.

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