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Equashields Closed STD offers Superior Safety and Ease-of-Use for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs, backed with clinically substantiated data on the reduction of surface contamination with antineoplastic agents and is faster to compound a dose than alternative systems.


Used by the number one hospitals in both Europe and U.S., Equashield covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems and is substantiated to FDA and defined in FDA's ONB code cleared labelling as Preventing Microbial Ingress up to 7 days.





Equashield’s proprietary Syringe Unit has an airtight enclosure that encapsulates the syringe barrel, isolates the unique syringe plunger rod and provides the flawless in use feeling.


Equashield’s unique design is the only system that prevents syringe plunger contamination by hazardous drugs, which is a major route of exposure during routine drug preparations and IV pushes. Studies in the U.S. and Europe provide substantial scientific evidence for the presence of high levels of drug residuals (Cyclophosphamide) on the exposed plungers and open barrels of regular syringes. In turn, this exposure contaminated gloves and other work environments, whereas in the same studio no contamination was detected on Equashield® plungers.


Unlike standard syringes, Equashield® can be used safely even beyond its nominal capacity as the encapsulated plunger rod can never be detached from the syringe, preventing the potential for a spill.

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