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Equashield CSTD

Equashield CSTD

The Premium Equashield CSTD offers Superior Safety and Ease-of-Use for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs, backed with clinically substantiated data on the reduction of surface contamination with antineoplastic agents and is faster to compound a dose than alternative systems.



Safe - Covers more routes of exposure than alternative systems


• The only system that prevents syringe plunger contamination (recently identified as a major route of exposure to hazardous drugs).
• Closed pressure equalization prevents the escape of drug and vapours.
• “Dry” connector that remains free of drug residuals.
• Cleared by the FDA under the ONB code and substantiated to prevent
microbial ingress for up to 7 days.
• Clinically proven.



Simple - Faster and easier to use 


• Fully preassembled syringe with connector, requiring no further setups or off the shelf syringes.
• Easy-to-use single motion connector



Closed - The most closed system


• The only system with encapsulated syringe barrel and plunger.
• Closed internal pressure equalization built into the syringe.
• Connector permanently welded to the syringe.
• Encapsulated plunger that cannot be pulled out of the barrel.

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