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DMS Stratos DR

Imaging Equipment

DMS Stratos DR

Perfect for any bone densitometry examination


The STRATOS DR is a high-end device using 2D-FAN BEAM technology to perform fast and high image quality examinations. It provides a comfortable diagnostic experience for both patients and practitioners.




Media Library - 3d dexa




The breakthrough technology uses routine BMD images to model a 3D image of the femur. This technology brings new information about bone structure for a more accurate diagnosis and an adapted treatment.


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Technology and Performance


Based on a 4 line, 64 elements multi-array detector, the 2D Fan- Beam provides the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis.



Media Library - 15 secs


Fast & Precise Diagnostic


The Stratos DR was designed to perform examinations as fast as 15 seconds per site, making it one of the most powerful solutions available.




A Complete Diagnostic Experience

The Stratos DR is a complete device that in addition to routine exams for osteoporosis diagnosis (hip, spine, forearm), provides a wide range of applications including Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Lateral Spine, Morphometry, Whole Body.

The software is based on the development and experience that DMS has worked at perfecting over the last 15 years. Heavily informed by user feedback, the result is an intuitive software interface.


3D-DXA is a breakthrough technology that uses routine BMD images to modelize a 3D image of the femur. This technology brings new information about bone structure for a more accurate diagnosis and an adapted treatment. This feature is only available in the DMS range.

BODY COMPOSITION gives fast, complete and accurate measurements of fat and muscle per body region. Advanced fat and lean
medical parameters and normality curves are provided for use in sports medicine, weight management and medical applications.

More details about the DMS Stratos DR

Body Composition Analysis Video Stratos Brochure

Body Composition Analysis


Lean and fat composition results are available on multiple sites of the body, for full body mapping: left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, left ribs, right ribs, T-s pine, L-spine, pelvis. Thanks to a large scan area, the whole-body analysis provides an abundant panel of information about body composition.


Powerful Metabolic Tools

Based on years of research, our engineers have developed sophisticated calculation tools, to quickly measure fat and lean tissue percentage and distribution in the body. In addition to these parameters, other types of metabolic data are calculated to assist health and sports professionals (Fat Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate, Android/Gynoid Ratio...).


Multiple Applications

The technology available on STRATOS and STRATOS DR manages a wide field of applications including centres devoted to the preparation and training of high-level athletes and specialized clinics concerned with women’s wellness, particularly weight management. Body composition is also particularly useful in supporting the diagnosis of certain disorders and optimizing treatment programs (obesity, cystic fibrosis, anorexia, wasting syndrome, chronic renal failure).


Trending & Follow-up

Patient trending includes graphs and colour mapping that provides an intuitive tool for analysis and communication. Fully customizable, the report offers complete information to develop successful roadmaps.


Visceral Adipose Tissues (VAT)

Our patented algorithm estimates Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose tissue in the android area,

based on DXA scans. Significantly correlated with CT-scan results, this DXA method provides an alternative for monitoring the effects of patients’ diet or cardiovascular risk.


Stratos Brochure

Media Library - Stratos Brochure

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