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DR Retrofits



Upgrade your X-ray room to DR in one day.


Converting to industry-leading DR quality, workow and productivity is fast and easy with the DRX-1 System. The system is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re currently using.


A fast, easy way to move into DR medical imaging:


Increased Productivity

  • Images are ready for immediate viewing and manipulation for reduced exam time and quick answers in the ER and OR
  • Exposure Cycle time of under 10 seconds
  • Images can be quickly forwarded from the console to a printer, PACS archive, and other network destinations
  • The DRX wireless detector provides cordless positioning freedom
  • The battery charger simultaneously charges three system batteries
  • Software options boost facility workflow
Broad Versatility
  • Designed for many types of general radiography exams
  • Conventional and CR cassettes can still be exposed in Bucky
  • Can be installed as an additional unit in a DR exam room
  • Compatible with many Carestream DR, CR  and health IT systems
Proven DRX Image Quality
  • Increased latitude and high-contrast image detail with optional Directview EVP Plus Software
  • Synchronizes with your generator for non-invasive exposure control
  • The system interface ensures the system is ready at the time of exposure.
Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs:


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