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Helianthus C

Imaging Equipment

Helianthus C

Helianthus C is the direct result of the recent and significant redesign of the company’s entire product line. This compact unit represents the basic model of a standardized platform and exemplifies the fastest and most cost-effective transition to digital mammography.

Optical Price-performace Ratio

Helianthus allows acquiring only 2D digital images. While this system is not upgradable, it can be integrated with a wide range of accessories configured to suit most routine mammography procedures


Up-to-date Features

To guarantee confident and accurate diagnosis, the Helianthus C system is outfitted with state-of-the-art features such as automatic collimation, “Smart μ Press” compression system and the powerful POEt (Processing for Optimal Enhancement) software.


Fast Expose Mode
In the presence of implants or when it is difficult to carry out a correct compression of the breast, it is still possible to optimize the dose delivered with another mode of exposure, called FAST, based on the thickness of the tissue to be examined. The exposure parameters are always set to satisfy the requirements of the European Guidelines



Smoother movements thanks to the isocentric servo-assisted movements of the C-arm. Extensive rotational and translation movements for patient's quick and easy positioning All the exam parameters are easily accessible on the 7" color touchscreen displays on the C-arm's sides.


The redesign of the new Helianthus C has resulted in a further improvement in terms of the system's ergonomics thanks to the isocentric servo assisted movements of the isocentric C-arm that enables smoother and more controlled movements. Extensive manual (motorized as an option) rotational and translation movements (up to 91 cm vertical travel) allow a quick and easy positioning of the patient, even for those with impaired or limited mobility.

Three multi-switches placed on the sides of the C-arm and the front of the X-ray tube assist the operator in managing the motorized movements of the arm.


Two 7" color touchscreen displays placed on the C-arm’s sides assist the technician in viewing and managing all the exam parameters.

When rotating the C-arm, a sensitive and precise obstacle detection system ensures maximum patient safety.


Integrated Acquisition Workstation

In the standard configuration, Helianthus C is supplied with an integrated acquisition and control workstation (AWS). In this case, according to the customer's preference, the medical display monitor is directly fixed on the mammography system, on the left or right side. On the console, a touchpad keyboard is available. A CD/DVD burner and a USB port are positioned on the side of the console. All the AWS electronics, including the Personal Computer, is installed inside the mammography unit.

The exposure button, provided with a spiral cable, allows the operator to perform radiation exposures in complete safety behind an
appropriate protective barrier.

More details about the Helianthus C

Features Radiaton Dosage Options Brochure


Automatic collimation
Helianthus C is outfitted with a size and position recognition device for the compression paddle that automatically adapts to the X-ray beam collimation in all procedure modes.

As a safety measure that prevents exposures that do not comply with the used accessories, the operator can manually select the collimation setup.

"Smart μPress" compression system
The image quality directly correlates to the correct compression of the breast. Helianthus C lets the mammography technician perform this operation automatically or in a motorized mode with manual fine adjustments via rotary controllers or fully manually.


“POEt” Processing for Optimal Enhancement
Helianthus C employs a powerful "POEt" software that generates diagnostic images directly from the acquired data. The software processes the images in a "For processing" format and displays them in a "For Presentation" format that enhances the tissue structure and reduces noise. Extremely versatile, the software includes a set of filters dedicated to the study of breasts with prosthesis or with metal findings or anatomical samples

Radiaton Dosage

SensROI – Pre-exposure mode
In the Helianthus C unit, the digital detector is also used to set optimal exposure parameters in an automatic or semi-automatic mode. According to the compression paddle employed, a continuous portion of the sensitive area of the detector is selected for a particular procedure and the actual density of the tissue to be examined is determined using a short preexposure pulse.

Fast exposure mode
In the presence of implants or when it is difficult to carry out a correct compression of the breast, it is still possible to optimize the dose delivered with another mode of exposure, called FAST, based on the thickness of the tissue to be examined. The exposure parameters are always set to satisfy the requirements of the European Guidelines.

The Average Glandular Dose (AGD) is updated in real-time on all displays and appropriately recorded. A user-friendly interface (GUI) guides the operator in every phase of preparation and acquisition. This interface allows the technician to select the exposure method (automatic, semi-automatic, or fully manual), the dose profile, and the processing filter to obtain the best possible image based on the type of breast to be examined


Anti-Scatter grid
The standard linear grid mounted inside the Potter Bucky drastically reduces scattered radiation, contributing to the acquisition of sharp and high-quality breast images.

Compression paddles
The basic configuration of Helianthus C includes two standard compression paddles: 24x30 cm and 18x24 cm (for smaller breast).

Protective screen
The Helianthus C is equipped with a polycarbonate screen to protect the X-ray beam from other parts extraneous to the exam procedure

Compression paddles
In addition to the standard equipment, several other compression paddles are available as options (i.e., for the geometric magnification, the examination of details, and perforated for twodimensional biopsy procedures).

Geometric magnification kit
As an option, a geometric magnification kit is available. It includes a platform (with 1.5x or 1.8x or 2x factors) and a 9 x 21 cm compression paddle without an anti-diffusion grid.


Stand-alone Acqusition Workstation

The Helianthus DBT acquisition and control workstation (AWS) can be offered as a standalone unit equipped with a transparent anti-X Ray protection barrier allowing the operator to optimize and manage remotely the workflow. This configuration includes a 15" touchscreen monitor that facilitates the complete control of the mammography system.It is possible to supply the display monitor with a resolution of 2, 3, or 5 MP.


Visualisation and Reporting

A dedicated and independent review station for the high-resolution visualization of diagnostic imaging is available as an option. It includes:
• Tools to manage operations, process and analyze images.
• Workstation with CD/DVD burner
• Dual 5 MP LCD monochrome monitors
• Color LCD service monitor, keyboard, mouse and dedicated keypad


Helianthus C

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