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Helianthus DBT

Imaging Equipment

Helianthus DBT

Each mammography exam is unique and requires a personalized approach. Helianthus DBT is an advanced digital breast tomosynthesis system intended to meet all patient's diagnostic needs.

The new top-of-the-line Helianthus digital mammography system, the DBT version, is already configured for all mammography procedures including tomosynthesis. It is easily upgradable with cutting-edge biopsy techniques in tomosynthesis and contrast mammography (Dual Energy).

Helianthus DBT allows the operator to perform tomosynthesis exams by choosing between three scan angles: 15°, 24°, or 50°. Image acquisition is always carried out at the maximum resolution of the digital detector.


15° Screening 

The DBT smallest scan angle is optimal when an extremely short scan time is required (even 2.5s) to minimize movement, artifacts, and patient discomfort


24° Standard Diagnostics 

The DBT intermediate angle always has a short scan time (4s ) and excellent sharpness. It guarantees a better resolution and is an optimal choice for standard diagnostics procedures


50° In-Depth Diagnostics

The DBT wide-angle, requiring a longer scan time (7.7s ) improves the discrimination of overlapping tissues (in case of in-depth analysis)


Versatile Performance

Helianthus DBT produces images of excellent quality while minimizing the radiation dose. In particular, the mammography system benefits from:

Three digital full-field flat-panel detectors with both amorphous selenium and amorphous silicon technology.
All panels have the same resolution (85 μm) even in tomosynthesis and guarantee the acquisition of excellent diagnostic images. They differ only in the cost and execution times of the procedure, thereby allowing the user to adapt the set-up of the system based upon his/her specific needs.

COMBO modality produces 2D and 3D images during the same compression cycle while applying a total radiation dose lower than the limits imposed by the EUREF protocol's limits for conventional mammography.

“M-View/VI” Software produces 2D images directly from tomosynthesis images, without administering an additional radiation dose to the patient.

Helianthus Series

Helianthus Series

Helianthus Series 2

Helianthus Series 2

More details about the Helianthus DBT

Modalities Ergonomic Design Options Product Brochure


Screening mammography
The narrowest angle is optimal when an extremely short scan time is required (2.5 s with an FFDM detector) to minimize movement, artifacts, and patient discomfort due to breast compression. This selection allows the operator to manage a large number of daily examinations and is particularly suitable for conducting screening programs.

Standard diagnostics in only 4 seconds
The intermediate angle has a short scan time (4 s with an FFDM detector) and excellent sharpness. It guarantees a better resolution and is an optimal choice for standard diagnostics procedures.

The wide angle, requiring a longer scan time (7.7 s with an FFDM detector) improves the discrimination of overlapping tissues and is the recommended choice in case of in-depth analysis and second-level readings

Ergonomic Design

Automatic collimation
Helianthus DBT is outfitted with a size and position recognition device for the compression paddle that automatically adapts to the X-ray beam collimation in all procedure modes: 2D standard, tomosynthesis, geometric magnification, biopsy. As a safety measure that prevents exposures that do not comply with the used accessories, the operator can manually select the collimation setup.

“Smart μPress” compression system
The image quality directly correlates to the correct compression of the breast. Helianthus DBT lets the mammography technician perform this  operation automatically or in a motorized mode with manual fine adjustments via rotary controllers or fully manually. In the first two modes, the remarkably gentle progression of the set force significantly reduces the patient's discomfort and allows the operator to stretch the tissues optimally. The available range of standard and optional compressors addresses all diagnostic needs.

Protective screens
To protect the X-ray beam from other parts that are extraneous to the exam procedure, the Helianthus DBT is equipped with two different polycarbonate screens.


Compression paddles
In addition to the standard equipment, other compression paddles are available as options (i.e. specific for the geometric magnification, for the examination of details, and perforated for two-dimensional Bym3D DMD biopsy procedures).


Bym 3D DMD

For stereotactic or tomosynthesis biopsy procedures, the Helianthus DBT can be integrated with the Bym 3D DMD biopsy device which is easily interchangeable with the Potter- Bucky and the magnification kit. The positioning of the C-arm for the stereotactic biopsy examination (+/-15 °) is motorized and activated with the Bym 3D DMD device. The system has no marking limits and allows the collection of multiple samples. A wide range of supports and adapters allows the use of common needles, biopsy guns, and VABs.

Geometric magnification kit
As an option, a geometric magnification kit is available. It includes a platform (with 1.5x or 1.8x or 2x factors) and a 9 x 21 cm compression paddle without an anti-diffusion grid.


Stand-alone Acqusition Workstation

The Helianthus DBT acquisition and control workstation (AWS) can be offered as a standalone unit equipped with a transparent anti-X Ray protection barrier allowing the operator to optimize and manage remotely the workflow. This configuration includes a 15" touchscreen monitor that facilitates the complete control of the mammography system.It is possible to supply the display monitor with a resolution of 2, 3, or 5 MP.


Visualisation and Reporting

A dedicated and independent review station for the high-resolution visualization of diagnostic imaging is available as an option. It includes:
• Tools to manage operations, process and analyze images.
• Workstation with CD/DVD burner
• Dual 5 MP LCD monochrome monitors
• Color LCD service monitor, keyboard, mouse and dedicated key-pad



Product Brochure

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