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DRX-Revolution Mobile

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DRX-Revolution Mobile

Experience the New Revolution

With the introduction of the ultra-manoeuvrable DRX-Revolution, featuring the world’s first automatic,
collapsible column, Carestream redefined mobile imaging. Now, with the upgraded Revolution, we’ve
added powerful new features and benefits:

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Whats New

Experience the New Revolution.


With the first release of the DRX Revolution, its low-profile design eliminated blind navigation in hallways and elevators... while it’s superb maneuverability allowed easy navigation of tight spaces in the ICU, ER, patient rooms and OR. Now, based on customer feedback, we’ve updated the system with exciting new design features.

What’s New On the Revolution?


Tube Head Redesign.


The tube head and collimator are smaller, lighter and better balanced, for easier use and faster positioning. This helps support quicker and more efficient exams, speeds workflow and enhances technologist productivity. Plus, the Revolution is powered by X-Factor Thinking, so you can share its DRX Detector across your facility - in other mobile units or rooms – wherever it’s needed most.


Improved Display Screens.


Display screens are more responsive, with enhanced functionality to boost speed and efficiency. The screens are also redesigned with flush mounting to better protect the system against fluid ingress – supporting maximum uptime and helping decrease maintenance and service calls and costs.


Quieter Operation


Customer feedback told us that mobile X-ray Systems can be noisy during transport, sometimes disturbing patients and contributing to the overall noise level in imaging facilities. In response, we’ve redesigned the Revolution’s brakes and drive motors to be significantly quieter – so your patients can rest easier.


Redesigned Bin


The Revolution’s storage bin has been enhanced and now holds to detectors as large as 43x43 and as small as our small-format 2530C detector for pediatric imaging. Of course, this “X-ray room on wheels” still provides at-your-fingertips storage for gloves, sanitizer, paperwork, markers – everything your technologists need to maximum exam efficiency.

Advanced Image Processing

The DRX-Revolution offers robust functionality with Carestream’s most advanced image processing in a single platform – resulting in ease of use and image quality that can take productivity to new levels. EVP Plus (Enhanced Visualization Processing), an option in our ImageView Software, delivers a range of standard “looks,” as well as customized “looks” based on a facility’s preference and workflow. Users will benefit from prior image review, including techniques and exposure history, with PACS-based query/retrieve capabilities.


Custom Capabilities for ICU and Pediatric Imaging.


You can enhance your system with a specialized ICU package that includes Tube and Line Visualization and Pneumothorax Visualization. Companion images provide a clear view of tubes, lines and anatomy to verify correct positioning or accentuate a Pneumothorax to aid in quick diagnosis and treatment. Our Pediatric package uses image processing specifically designed for pediatric views. It’s designed to optimize image quality by utilizing pediatric-centric acquisition and processing parameters that suppress noise and enhance detail, based on patient size. Whimsical, child-friendly DRX-Revolution graphics help put pediatric patients at ease.


Design Improvements Include:

  • The tube head and collimator are smaller, lighter and better balanced, for easier use and faster positioning.
  • Display screens are more responsive, with enhanced function, and redesigned to better protect against liquid ingress.
  • Brakes and drive motors are quieter and less likely to disturb patients.
  • Functional LED lighting provides the technologist with another point of visibility of system status.
  • Improved Battery Gauge uses an updated color scheme to display battery-charge levels, reducing the possibility of a dead battery.
  • Tube-head detents increase users’ positioning confidence
  • CARESTREAM ImageView Software delivers improved workflow, plus access to the desktop where a facility’s HIS/RIS can be accessed – reducing the steps involved in starting or ending an exam.
  • HDMI Isolation allows a secondary monitor to mirror the main display, providing a secondary viewing option in cases where sterility could be compromised from moving around the room to view images.
  • Windows 10 gives added protection for sensitive Patient Health Information against access by unauthorized users.

CSH Revolution


Your Choice of DRX Detectors.


Our broad line of detectors will provide optimal performance in the DRX-Revolution… and can be shared between X-ray rooms and mobile units throughout your facility – going wherever they’re needed most.


They include:


The DRX Plus 3543 and 4343 Detectors – even faster, lighter and more reliable than our previous models – use a Gadolinium (GOS) Scintillator for general radiography imaging.


The DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C Detectors use a Cesium (CsI) Scintillator for dose-sensitive applications like pediatrics, with increased DQE and MTF.


The DRX Plus 2530C Detector offers a smaller-format design, optimal for pediatric imaging – and for fast, easy positioning in incubator trays. The 2530C is also ideal for orthopaedic imaging.


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