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Raybloc Protective Shielding

Raybloc Custom Made Beam Blocker

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Custom Made Beam Blocker

The custom made beam blockers are made of lead being boned under a high pressure between 9mm and 4 mm MDF sheet. The lead sheets used in the production of beam blockers are of code 3/4/5/6 produced to BBA 91/2662.

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Raybloc Custom Made Lead Screen

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Custom Made Lead Screen

Fully customised lead screens are factory-made as per the recent hygiene regulations with regards to infection control (NHS HTM).


The screens are available in various colour laminate finish and has anodised soft touch frame ensuring long life of the screens.

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Raybloc Mobile Protective Shield Window

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Raybloc Mobile Protective Shield Window

Mobiles are customisable in their entirety in terms of colour, glazing, and size; handcrafted to the highest possible quality from materials that are both sustainable and renewable. Available in heights up to 2000 mm and widths up to 3000 mm (for larger sizes, please contact our team).

Solid Screen
Our cheapest option for mobile screens is to not include lead glass at all. These screens are popular where a false partition is needed or to temporarily block an entrance where a lead-lined door set is unsuitable.

Panoramic Screen
Panoramic shields are entirely glazed in their top halves with the X-ray glass meeting the powder-coated U-channel edges. These screens are the optimal choice for maximum visibility through the portable screen but are more expensive than screens containing less glass.

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Raybloc X-Ray Protective Viewing Window

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Raybloc X-Ray Protective Viewing Window

Specially designed radiation windows and leaded glass.


X-ray protection windows can be specified to any protective shielding level and size to suit walls containing lead lined plasterboard, lead-lined plywood, or lead chevron bricks. Whatever the size, your radiation protection shielding requirements will be more than covered by our specialised lead glass and overlapping lead lined frame and architrave.


The maximum sheet size for lead glazing is 2400mm x 1100mm. Lead-lined mullions and transoms can also be manufactured for structural openings greater than 2500mm x 1200mm.

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Raybloc Custom Made Lead Doors

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Custom Made Lead Doors

Bespoke lead lined X-ray door sets for radiation protection

Raybloc manufacture fully customisable X-ray protective lead lined and none lead lined door sets. They are manufactured to the latest hygiene regulations (NHS HTM 58) in infection control for use in a medical, dental, veterinary or radioactive environment.


Designed to match existing decoration, exact dimensions and to the highest quality available the door sets provide maximum radiation protection while still providing an aesthetic look and finish. The xray doorsets are constructed in our own unique tried and tested manufacturing methods with over 30 years experience to insure maximum radiation protection to the highest quality available on the market today with in the United Kingdom.


X-ray protective door sets are available in a range of finishes ranging from real wood veneer, pre primer painted, plastic laminate or PVC. Warning lights and various ironmongery can also be supplied.

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Flush Mounted LED Warning Light

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Flush Mounted LED Warning Light

For every controlled area that contains radiation-emitting equipment or sources, signage must be displayed and illuminated at all entrances to protect persons from accidental exposure.


Conventionally, warning signs come in the form of boxes positioned on the walls next to the entrance, containing bulbs that illuminate the signage. This of course causes concern about spacial visibility and ledges for dust particles to collect and infection to spread. To combat these problems, Raybloc pioneered the first Flush Mounted Warning Light.

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